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Springhead Medical Centre
 Springhead Medical Centre
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Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS)

The Springhead Medical Centre has launched its new Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS).


If you sign up for EPS you will no longer get a green prescription when a GP prescribes you medication. Also if you order repeat medication you will not have to come in and collect your prescription from the surgery.


Instead your prescription will be sent electronically and securely to a chemist of YOUR choice.


You simply go straight to the chemist to collect your medication without having to come into the surgery.


How it Works

If you want to use EPS the first thing you have to do is pick the chemist where you want your prescription to go. This is called "nominating" a chemist or a "nomination".


Go into the chemist you want to use and tell them you want to nominate them to receive your prescriptions under EPS.


Not all chemists are set up and ready to go with EPS so they may not be able to do it for you. If the chemist is set up and ready to go they will record your details on their computer system. The next time you come to the surgery the fact that you have nominated a chemist will flag up on the surgery computer system.


You can change or cancel your nomination at any time. Simply tell the chemist or surgery. Also when you are seeing the doctor if you would rather have a paper prescription tell him or her.


Once your nomination is set up simply order your repeat medication from the surgery how you always have (by repeat slip, email, VISION Online, Telephone). The request will be processed and sent to the chemist you have nominated.

Please give the chemist 48 HOURS before you try to collect your medication !

Who Will Benefit from EPS

  1. If you are stable on medication that does not change

  2. Receive regular repeat medications

  3. Use the same chemist all the time


Then EPS may be for you.


A patient information leaflet is available "here" if you would like further information.


Simply go into your chemist and tell them you want to nominate them as the chemist to receive your prescriptions under EPS.

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